A CLEV3R way

CLEV3R is a new awesome IDE for for EV3 programming. By introducing Basic Plus PL (successor to the hugely popular EV3 Basic) CLEV3R provides many cool options for beginners and advanced programmers, especially for those involved in robotics sports like World Robot Olympiad. We had been expecting such IDE from LEGO for a long time, but our patience has snapped and we decided to make our own.

With CLEV3R you’ll:

  • have fun with advanced code editor full of useful features like syntax highlight, autocompletion, quick search, etc.
  • take advantage of new features of Basic Plus programming language, which is backward compatible with EV3 Basic
  • manage files and folders on EV3 using integrated communication tools (Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or USB supported).
  • compile, upload and run programs in one click
  • quickly preview file content without downloading it
  • get all basic (which is much more than Small Basic app can provide) functionality for free!

ATOMo has developed CLEV3R UI and is now expanding Basic Plus capabilities, working in close collaboration with RoboMaks (creator of CLEV3R app).