About ATOMo

ATOMo is a group of STEM enthusiasts from Nazarbayev Intellectual School of Chemistry and Biology, located in Almaty city (Kazakhstan).

Name Role / Specialization
Nikita Noskov      team leader, chief editor / machine vision, UAV navigation, neural networks high school student
Eskendir Asankul developer / microcontrollers, smart home solutions high school student
Anton Noskov adviser, coach / robotics, programming, graphic design MSc in engineering

Our goal is to accumulate knowledge and seek improvement in the fields of robotics, machine vision and artificial intelligence. All these are put into practice by creating custom hardware and software for a large spectrum of embedded applications from portable electronics to large-scaled IT systems. Starting from 2016 ATOMo is actively participating in robotics olympiads, IT contests, hackatons and various STEM events.

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